Project AdriaMuse is a cross-border project of the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme IPA Adriatic 2007-2013, co-financed by the EU. The project includes 11 partners from 5 countries on either side of the Adriatic Sea: Province of Rimini, lead partner, Institute for Artistic, Cultural and Natural Heritage (IBC) of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Veneto Region, IUAV University of Venice, Province of Pesaro and Urbino, Province of Campobasso, Skupa (Italy), National Museum of Montenegro (Montenegro), Municipality of Shkodra (Albania), Business Service Centre of Government of Zenica-Doboj Canton (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Istria County (Croatia).
Strengthening the relationships among the partner organizations and supporting the sustainable development of the Adriatic area are some of the objectives of the AdriaMuse project. These objectives will be achieved through the harmonization of partner activities in the field of cultural tourism, with the emphasis on increasing awareness about museums in the region. Therefore, the plan is to increase museum accessibility by being part of the, international showcase which brings together information on the most important museums and exhibitions in Europe and organizes a series of events that can connect Adriatic museums and reach a wider range of visitors. This is also the motive for transforming museums into vibrant cultural centers, as well as one of the most important objectives of the AdriaMuse project. The main goal is to move museum activities beyond their walls and attract visitors who are not regular museum goers by organizing such events. Within the project, the existing information network will be strengthened and integrated by developing a set of innovative information and communication tools and services. This will create an elaborated work plan and common infrastructure for sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas among the partner regions. In addition, a cross-border cultural exchange and events to raise awareness of the local population on cultural and development potentials in the Adriatic area will be encouraged.  Finally, the objective of AdriaMuse is to contribute to the extension of the tourist season on the Adriatic Coast through a new harmonization of culture and tourism, strengthened by museum stories which move beyond museum walls.

Diversity, cultural wealth, knowledge and experience, as the heritage of partner regions of the AdriaMuse project, are an excellent platform for creating an added value in the cultural-tourist offer of the Adriatic region. A unique blue thread will be woven into enriching museum life beyond museum walls and exchange of museum programs of project partners. In terms of collaboration and exchange, AdriaMuse offers valuable experience of Rimini in joining cultural-tourist events, as well as experience of museums of the Zenica-Doboj Canton whose programs have stepped out of the framework of cultural elitism and become a trademark and brand of the local social life. There is also the knowledge and diversity of more than 500 Emilia-Romagna museums, i.e. analysis of good practice and experience of their unique Institute for Artistic, Cultural and Natural Heritage (IBC). The rich tourist experience of Veneto with pilot actions and knowledge of the Venetian university IUAV, as well as promotional activities of Istria County will contribute to a stronger connection between tourism and culture, and better flow of information. In order to encourage new museum programs for visitors who want something more, the Province of Pesaro and Urbino will also help with its experience in promoting tourist-traditional events offering new possibilities of perceiving the territory. In accordance with this is a stronger dialogue between institutions in culture, with the Province of Campobasso and Skupa contributing to intercultural collaboration. The National Museum of Montenegro provides AdriaMuse with its rich experience in organizing exhibitions and cultural events, whereas the Municipality of Shkodra has the knowledge acquired in active international cultural cooperation. 

On the joint AdriaMuse project voyage all the partners strive for a new concept of cultural tourism with museum heritage as the focal point.


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