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By improving their quality standards, the project wishes to qualify and promote the museums on the Slovenian-Italian territory to make them more attractive and interesting for various audiences and to increase the number of their visitors.

Therefore, its priority is to allow a better awareness of the common history, the cultural heritage and the characteristic tradition of the area of the program with a creation of a stable and permanent museum network.

The partner museums will be transformed from closed spaces of traditional exhibition designs to open cultural spaces, designed for the local population and others. The introduction of innovative elements is crucial for the attraction of new visitors. The exhibited collections will be restored with new technologies and presented with a virtual presentation and an animation, multimedia tools will be used also for educational purposes. This newly designed network will be open for exchanging ideas and knowledge and for the organization of various events.


The project pursues the following goals:

  • Improvement of the museum’s conservation, construction, management and evaluation techniques,
  • introduction of technological and energy innovations in museums,
  • dissemination of information and acquaintance with the use of new communication technologies,
  • setting up innovative management models and interpretation of heritage that can also be transferred to other ambiences,
  • enhance the attractiveness and visibility of museums through greater attractiveness and competitiveness of the discussed areas,
  • enable alternative and interactive visits for schools to attract the target audience who is difficult to approach
  • increase the number of visitors; promotion of dialogue, cultural exchange and cooperation between museums, institutions, universities and other cultural institutions,
  • creation of new educational and employment opportunities
  • stimulate the exchange of experience and good practice between different areas, linked by the same basic characteristics and problems,
  • increase the coordination operations between museums and the field of tourism promotion,
  • creation of a network of »open« museums with innovative approaches to ensure greater flexibility and dynamism, and also a better and broader proper offer through common professional skills.


Lead Partner
Province of Ferrara, Italy

Project partners:

The Art museum - Municipality of Ravenna, Italy Province of Rovigo, Italy Province of Venezia, Italy The Regional Museums of Gorizia, Italy Civic Museums and Galleries of History and Art - Municipality of Udine, Italy The Aquileia Foundation, Italy »Sergej Mašera« Maritime Museum of Piran, Slovenia The Regional Museum of Koper, Slovenia Municipality of Ljubljana, Slovenia The Kobarid Museum, Slovenia.




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