Archaeological Park of the Upper Adriatic - PArSJAd



The "Archaeological Park of the Upper Adriatic - PArSJAd" was financed by means of the strategic projects 01/2009 of Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013.

The main purpose of the project is to increase the value the archaeological heritage of the coastal area of the Northern Adriatic, from the Emilian to the Slovenian coast, an area historically characterized by intense cultural and commercial activities and a crucial point for the economic and social relations between East and West. In perspective of a sustainable development and integration of the cultural heritage with the environment, the project aims to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the territory, by improving knowledge, a more focused and rational use and a better fruition of citizens and tourists.



Among the operative items, the project includes:

  • Development of instruments of a cultural and territorial planning, for the benefit of different levels of government and local administration involved in the planning processes;

  • Qualification of the museum teaching and archaelogical sites for multi-user function;

  • Management training of professionals and riqualification of culture operators

  • Virtual reconstruction of ancient builduings

  • Development of cultural networks for a better cooperation and fruition

Projects to achieve:

  • instruments for planning cultural, archaeological and landscape entities, and setting online for professional users

  • a network of procedures and know-how in archaeological teaching and cataloging of archaeological artefacts;

  • a cross-border innovative training;

  • a virtual archaeological park of Upper Adriatic

  • pilot projects to increase the attractiveness of the theme of ancient roads.





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